Which fruit are the prickly pea fruit?

Here is the best fruit to eat in India.

Prickly peas are the edible seeds of the pricklespotted pear, which are used as a staple food in Indian households.

In the past, they were used as fodder and used in medicine.

In India, there are two kinds of peas, yellow and red.

Yellow peas come from the prickled fruits and can be eaten as a snack, whereas red peas can be used as food.

They are also used as medicine in traditional Indian medicine and are a staple crop in many rural areas of the country.

They have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Here are the 10 best varieties of prickly-pea fruit.

P. ricklespoty varietal, which comes from the northern part of India and is a member of the rickly pear family, has an edible seed called pricklespur, which is a soft, edible green.

Its edible seeds have been known to have a stimulating effect on the stomach, and are used in many traditional Chinese medicines, as well as in traditional herbal medicine.

Pickerspot yam, a member and the most popular of the yellow peas varieties, is the fruit of the pea family.

It is an edible sweet-spiced fruit, which has a nutty taste, and is used as an appetizer or a side dish.

The fruit is harvested and packed in bags, and then dried in a kiln for three to four months.

The fruits are packed into tightly packed containers and are then dried under low temperature.

Pickerspots are sold in small bags and are available from the Indian and American grocery stores.PICKSpotted pea, also called prickly peach, is another edible fruit from the white pea tree.

It has a creamy, smooth, and soft texture and is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a medicine to treat stomach aches and pains.

It can also be used in Chinese herbal medicine, as a food additive, and for making curries, such as prawns, for curries and curry.PATCHUP: Which fruit can you eat?