When a giant gum tree grows, the fruit delivery industry can grow too

Fruit delivery trucks and kiosks have been popping up across the country, filling a void in the marketplace that has long been filled by big box stores.

Now, with the advent of a giant tree in the middle of a town, some people are hoping the vending machines and kiosk chains can fill that void, too.

In late March, a giant Gum Gum Tree, a 6-foot-tall gum tree, grew in downtown San Francisco.

The tree, about a quarter-mile away from the Golden Gate Bridge, was planted by the local farmers market.

Its owner, Bobbie Williams, said she and her husband, David Williams, had been trying to get a tree for several years.

The Williamses wanted a tree that would help boost their fruit and nut sales, and they decided to plant the tree in hopes that it would bring in more business.

After nearly a year of planting and pruning, the tree grew to about 3 feet tall, and its fruit and nuts were already well on their way.

The fruit tree was a hit, and it even caught the attention of local news stations.

The news was great, said Williams.

The whole community was really supportive of it, and we had all kinds of people calling us and saying, ‘I can’t wait to come back and see it,’ and it was a really positive thing.

It also helped us make sure that our employees knew that they could come back every day and work with us,” Williams said.

But the Williamses said they were surprised at how much of an impact the tree had on the local community.”

It definitely opened up a whole new world for us, just by being out there and just seeing the people that come here every day, the traffic that we get on the bridge and all the people,” Williams explained.

The family also noticed that the area had a growing number of small businesses who were willing to help.

The family had a lot of ideas for their future, but they wanted to give back and make sure they could continue to operate as well, so they started to take donations.”

We decided to get involved with the nonprofit, and as we were getting ready to put together the funds, we decided to just donate the money and we said, ‘We’re not going to keep this for ourselves.

We’re going to give it to these guys that are making these fruit deliveries, and let’s just go out and do that,'” Williams said.”

It’s been an incredible experience, and I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to do that,” she said.

And the community has been a big help.”

People have come up to us and said, you know, ‘My dad and my mom both work here and they’re so happy for us,’ and they said, we really appreciate it,'” Williams continued.”

So that was a huge help.

That’s really how we can all benefit from this and make the world a better place,” she added.

The first week of April was busy for Williams.

Her customers came out and asked if they could take pictures with the tree.

A local business owner came out of nowhere to deliver some fruit.”

I was like, ‘Oh, my God!

That’s my business,’ and he was like ‘yes, we’re really happy for you,'” Williams recalled.

The fruit deliveries continued until the family had enough money to pay for the tree and all its supplies.

Williams said that in addition to the business, she has received many gifts from other local businesses and people, all of whom want to give her some tips on how to continue growing their businesses and help keep San Francisco safe.

She is hoping that by growing a tree in her backyard, the community will continue to grow and that more people will come out to visit and make a difference.”

The gum tree is just one of the things that we do, and so it’s something that’s going to help the community grow,” Williams told ABC7.