What you need to know about durian, fruit coloring pages, and the food safety issue

A group of scientists has published a study that looks at the safety of durian in foods, which has prompted a backlash from some food manufacturers and critics who say that their products don’t contain the dangerous ingredients.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal Food Chemistry, suggests that durian is safe for people to consume.

The researchers looked at the amount of total alkaloids found in durian and found that they are not toxic to humans.

In the case of total arsenic, they found that the amount was less than the amount found in the foods of the study participants.

They found that there is no evidence that consuming durian with arsenic-containing products could result in toxicity to humans, but it does raise concerns about the safety and efficacy of consuming durians.

The arsenic-contaminated durian they studied also has been found to be high in vitamin C, which can raise the risk of cancer in certain populations.

The team of researchers also noted that they were unable to determine whether or not there was a link between the arsenic content of the food and the amount in the food.

Durian has been the focus of a growing number of public health campaigns, including the Food and Drug Administration’s call for a voluntary recall of products made from the fruit.

The agency has already issued a voluntary notice asking the public to report any suspicious foods they see on shelves.

In recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also said that there may be a link with the increased incidence of cancer and other illnesses among older people.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, however, has said there are no credible scientific evidence linking the consumption of durians to any of the conditions the agency considers a health threat.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees food safety, is not commenting on the new research.

In a statement to ABC News, an FDA spokesperson said: “Food safety is a critical priority for the agency and we are aware of the new study.

FDA takes all possible measures to ensure the safety, quality and quality of food, and we will be responding as warranted.”