The best fruits and vegetables of 2019

There are a lot of delicious fruits and veggies that are available to us at this time of year.

But there’s also a lot to eat during the cooler months of summer.

Here’s our pick of the best fruits, vegetables and snacks to help you keep your mood in check.


The Dragon Fruit Tree In honor of the Dragon Fruit Festival, here are our picks of the top 10 fruits and the best ways to enjoy them at home.


Blueberries In this blueberry pie recipe, you can make this as a fruit salad or as a pie crust.


Pumpkin Pie In this pumpkin pie recipe you can also make this dessert.


Sweet Potato Pie In our sweet potato pie recipe we combine the sweet potato and the pumpkin and you can have the pumpkin pie as a dessert.


The Chinese Fruits Salad As a traditional Chinese meal, you could serve this salad as a salad with the veggies and rice or just as a soup.


Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs in this pork rib recipe we make it as a stew with the ribs.


Sweet Corn in this sweet corn soup recipe we have the corn, carrots, and potatoes.


Spicy Shrimp in this spicy shrimp recipe we add a fried egg and a spicy chili sauce.


The Fruit Tree With this fruit tree recipe, we can use it as the base for any fruit salad.


Apple Salad in this apple salad recipe we can make it into a salad or into a fruit cake.


Strawberry Cake in this strawberry cake recipe we use the fruit and sprinkle a lemon over it. 3c.

Peach Cake in the peach cake recipe with the banana and strawberries.


The Pumpkin Pie with the Pumpkin In this pie recipe with pumpkin we can add a chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon sugar, and the sugar and we serve it with a pumpkin pie.


Strawberry Apple Pie in this pie with strawberry we add the strawberry and the apple and serve it as dessert.


Apple Pie with Pumpkin Pie in our apple pie recipe and we add chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter, and maple syrup.


The Sweet Potato Soup In this sweet potato soup recipe, make it a soup that you can eat as a dish or as an appetizer.


Cabbage Soup In our cabbage soup recipe for a green cabbage soup, we have a big pot of vegetables and the potatoes.


Corn and Potato Soup in this corn and potato soup that we add all the vegetables and potatoes in the pot and we make a soup for two.


The Vegetable Cake with Creamy Chicken and Rice We make a creamy chicken and rice with cream and butter and we use chicken, rice, cream cheese, and a sweet and sour cream to make a delicious soup for a whole family.


The Strawberry Cake with Orange Cream and Strawberries We make the strawberry cake with orange cream and strawberries and serve that with whipped cream and whipped cream.


The Carrot Cake with Strawberry Cream and Banana We make this carrot cake with strawberry cream and banana and serve this as dessert or as the appetizer or dessert with the fruit.


The Cabbage and Sweet Potato Cake With Coconut Cream and Rice This cabbage and sweet potato cake with coconut cream and rice recipe makes a wonderful appetizer and dessert for a small group.


The Spicy Thai Curry with Curry Powder and Orange Cream Butter We make our spicy Thai curry with curry powder and orange cream butter and serve with the fruits and some of the ingredients to enjoy with rice and a bowl of steamed rice.