Mario Party: The Game, Yami’s fruit quest and more…

A new Mario Party game is on the way from developer Nicalis, and it’s about fruit!

Nicali confirmed the news with a tweet this afternoon, revealing that the game is set to release in March 2018, just two years after Mario Party 8 released in Japan.

There’s a ton of info to share about the game, so stay tuned for all the details!

The game will have three stages, each of which will contain two fruit types.

These will be different from the three fruits that you’ll be able to get in Mario Party 9, which is currently available for pre-order.

This means that you can expect to see more fruit, like blueberries, melons and strawberries, along with some new, unique fruit that will be added to the game in the future.

Nintendo recently revealed that this game will be a prequel to Mario Party 10, so it’ll be interesting to see how the game will compare to that game.

In addition to the three fruit types, the game also features a new power-up, which will be named “yoshi” and will give Mario a new attack called “durians”.

This power-ups is a combination of a Mario Party power-UP and a random power-Up.

If you use it in Mario Parties 12, 17, 20, 21 or 24, you can use it again in the game.

We’ll have to wait until March to find out how this power-Ups impact the gameplay, but Nintendo has said that it will add new power ups to the party in the coming weeks.

In the past, Mario Party has featured a variety of fruit types and powers, and now it looks like Nicalais is hoping to take things to a new level with a fruit adventure.

A fruit adventure is when you’re given a new fruit type and you have to explore its levels.

The game is expected to be an online experience where you’ll battle fruit creatures and collect power-Us.

This will make for a more engaging game, as you’ll have a lot more variety of fruits to battle and use in the battle.

Nintendo also revealed that the first fruits in the adventure will be blueberries.

The blueberries are an important part of the game’s storyline, as they are the main source of power- Ups.

There will be five blueberries to collect throughout the game: three blueberries in each stage, one blueberry in the castle and two blueberries at the end of the stage.