Jell-o-Cola ‘tiktong’ fruit salad with strawberry jam is ‘totally delicious’

Tiktongs jelly fruit salad is the latest to hit the dessert menu in Jell‑o‑Cola’s new Fruit and Jam range.

It combines strawberries and jellies with sweet and savoury jams to create a delicious dessert with the ultimate flavour.

“Tiktoks jellyfruit salad with strawberries and jam is totally delicious,” the company said.

“We love the flavours that can be created from a simple combination of strawberries and sweet and tangy jam.”

The fruit salad has a “sweet and tangsy” flavour, while the jam adds “a very different taste”.

The drink is “100 per cent jam-free”, which means the jellyfruit can be eaten raw.

The fruit and jam are sold in 10 flavours and the jelly is available in 12 flavours.

The new range includes a fruit salad, a fruit sandwich, fruit cupcake and fruit cake.

“Jell-O-Cola is a family business,” the statement read.

“Its great to see so many people who want to enjoy and enjoy their fruit and their jams.”

The company also said that the product will be available to “all Jellos” in the New Zealand market.

Jellocare’s CEO and co-founder, John MacGregor, said that they were excited to see the “very different” taste of their new fruit and jelly flavours.

“With the recent launch of Jello Jelly, we’ve seen the fruits, jam and berries coming to market from around the world and now it’s time to start making them a reality,” he said.