‘It was not like we were starving’: Chinese fruit seller’s daughter pleads for help

A Chinese fruit vendor in New Zealand is pleading with her family to help her out, as they fear the family’s farm could be lost.

Katherine Chiu, 37, who works as a fruit vendor at the family farm, said she and her husband were in Australia this week and couldn’t afford the $7,000 she had spent on a new farmhouse.

“I’m just begging you, please help,” she said.

“We’re just barely scraping by and we’re just trying to get by.”

Katherine has a daughter who lives with her parents in Christchurch and a son who lives in Melbourne, and said they had no idea their family farm could fall into disrepair.

The family’s only other landholdings were at a cottage on a riverbank in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

“The house was always full and there was no way to keep it clean,” Ms Chiu said.

Ms Chiu’s mother, Ching, said it was difficult for her to look after her children, and she struggled to cope with the financial hardship of raising a family.

“My kids are all grown up and I’m worried about them,” Ms Chin said.

A neighbour at the farmhouse told the ABC it had been in disrepair for about three years.

“It’s a nice place to live,” Ms Chang said.

She said the family was also facing a loss of their business, as well as a possible loss of a future farm in the region.

“There’s no money coming in and I have no idea how I’m going to make it,” Ms Chung said.

Mr Chang said he and Ms Chiang had recently moved into a house, but it was not much bigger than the one they had in Australia.

“When I moved in, the only thing I wanted was the kitchen and a place to cook, so we didn’t have any space in the house,” he said.