How to find the perfect fruit salad in Japan

The fruit salad market is booming, but it can be tough to find something to eat in your favorite city.

There’s so much fruit on offer these days, and with such variety, it can take a while to find a good one.

The fruit basket anime industry has seen its share of high-profile disasters, including the recent death of actress Shigeyuki Nishida in May, and the recent bankruptcy of the world’s largest fruit-picking operation.

However, the fruit basket is a niche industry, and while it has its fair share of competitors, it has yet to become a real force.

That’s the premise of the fruit salad bowl, a fruit salad with a fruit basket attached to it.

Produced by the fruit-focused anime company Blox, this bowl was released in Japan last month, and now, we have our first look at its packaging and marketing materials.

The Blox fruit bowl is made from paper, which makes it easier to handle.

(A) The BlOX fruit bowl, with a variety of fruits on display (from left to right).

(B) A fruit basket.

(C) The front and back of the Blox Fruit Bowl.

(D) A close-up of the back of a Blox Blox.

(E) A closer-up view of a small, round, blue, round-bottomed Blox Bowl.

Each bowl has two sides, with the back side being the “top.”

(F) The blax blax.

(G) The blue blax on the back.

The blox bowl is a fruit-specific bowl.

There are also some fruit-themed fruit baskets.

The back of each bowl has a picture of a fruit, such as a mango, strawberry, peach, or cherry.

The bottom of each Blox bowl has the words “Fruit Bowl.”

It also has a variety-themed banner, which has fruit on it.

Blox also created a few other items in its fruit bowl: fruit plates, fruit-shaped snack bars, and fruit-wrapped fruit boxes.

All the items have stickers with fruit and the word “fruit,” so they can be put on top of your bowl for decoration.

Each of the items can be customized for different tastes, or with different fruit, like fruit-scented scones.

Blax also created three fruit-inspired bowls.

A fruit plate with a banana.

(From left to left) Fruit bowl with strawberry and banana.

A banana and strawberry bowl.

(from right to left): Fruit bowl shaped like a banana, banana and cherry.

A bowl shaped almost like a fruit with strawberry, and a bowl shaped into a banana shape.

Fruit bowl that can be eaten as a dessert.

(B, left to middle): A bowl with an orange and strawberry, which looks like a bowl with fruit in it.

A small bowl shaped exactly like a grapefruit.

Fruit Bowl shaped like an orange.

(left to right): A small, fruit shaped bowl shaped just like a lemon.

Fruitbowl with cherry.

(right to left).

A bowl that looks like an ice cream cone.

Fruit Plate shaped like fruit.

(F, right to middle) Fruit Bowl with a lemon, peach and strawberry.

Fruit and banana bowl.

The product also comes in three flavors: apple, lemon, and strawberry; and peach, orange, and cherry with a chocolate and vanilla flavoring.

The price of each item varies by bowl, but they range from 500 yen ($5) to 1,500 yen ($3.50).

The Blax Fruit Bowl comes in two sizes: one with two sides of fruit, and one with a single side of fruit.

The front side is usually filled with fruit, while the back has fruit, including fruits like strawberry, banana, and peach.

It’s available in three colors: white, black, and orange.

The box of Blox’s fruit bowl includes a sticker with the fruit name, the blax, and an advertisement with the company logo.

Blux is a new company based in Tokyo that is best known for the fruit bowl anime series, the Blax Blax.

The company is also known for its Blox-themed games and other products, including Blox Cup, a “dice game” for kids, and Blox Dice, a game for adults.

Blix has partnered with Blox and other companies to bring fruit bowls to consumers.