Gold Coast Titans are preparing for the marula fruit fly larvae

Posted March 09, 2019 11:30:30In a bid to combat the invasive pests, the Gold Coast have set up a research and development centre in a vacant warehouse near the Brisbane Airport.

The facility, set up by the Gold and Gippsland Regional Health Authority, is being called the Marula Research and Development Centre (MRDC) and is designed to develop new drugs and vaccines for the larvae of the yellow dragon flower.

It will be one of the largest such facilities in the country and will be the only such facility in Queensland.MRDC is also expected to host a meeting of the world’s top insect experts this week to discuss the threat of marula and other larvae.

The centre will be used to develop a novel and safe vaccine for the larval stages of the fly.

It is hoped that the centre will enable the Queensland Government to implement a ban on the importation of the insects and that the vaccine will be licensed to farmers.

The Queensland Government is also in the process of introducing new legislation to allow farmers to import the insects from overseas.

The Government has also allocated $100,000 to research the potential health benefits of the vaccine, which was funded by the National Farmers Federation.

Dr David Crouch, who chairs the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, said the MRDC would allow the Queensland authorities to work with Australian manufacturers to develop more effective treatments for the bugs.

“This will allow Queensland to become a world leader in the field of insecticides,” Dr Crouch said.

“It will allow us to protect our farmers and help them compete in the international markets.”

The MRDC is set to open in February 2019.

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