Former Trump adviser says he did not discuss Russia with Putin

Former White House adviser Sam Nunberg told reporters on Tuesday that he did nothing inappropriate during the 2016 presidential campaign.

He said that while he was at the White House, he and his family visited Moscow twice and “liked the city.”

But he said that after leaving the White house, he did discuss Russia and the election with President Donald Trump.

“I would not have done anything like that,” Nunberg said.

“And that’s the reason why I’ve come to the conclusion that I did not have any conversations about Russian interference.”

He said he was unaware of any conversations between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nunberg, who served as an adviser to former President Barack Obama, was asked about the president’s response to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Nunenberg said Trump did not deny collusion with Russia during the campaign and said he did “not believe” that Russia interfered with the election in the future.

Nunburg was also asked about comments made by former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci that suggested the president wanted to “send a message” to Russia about a potential Trump Tower meeting between the two leaders.

Nunborg said Scaramuucci did not explicitly say the meeting was for a Trump Tower deal and that he had never discussed any such potential Trump-Russia meeting.

Nunburgh also said that he would not rule out the possibility that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was behind the leak of the emails that were hacked from the Democratic National Committee.

Nunbson, who was in Moscow for the inauguration, said that during the transition, Kushner’s lawyers made clear to Trump’s team that he should not be making any public statements about his relationship with Russia and said Kushner was not in a position to comment on the matter.

Nunburger said that Trump did send a message to Russia that it could not interfere in the election.

“The president had no intention to hurt his party’s chances of winning,” Nunburgers statement said.

He added that the president “has always been a supporter of democracy and transparency in the United States.”

Nunberg also said he believed the Russians “did not influence” the election, and that Trump was “a great believer in democracy and the rule of law.”

Nunburberg said he had a long-standing relationship with Trump and said that the two were “very, very close.”

Nunborg also said Trump has not shown remorse about his campaign, saying that “nobody has any right to say anything bad about Donald Trump.”