California governor says he will sign bill legalizing cannabis in the state


Gavin Newsom says he plans to sign a bill allowing cannabis cultivation and use in California by the end of the year.

Newsom made the announcement Tuesday during a news conference at the Capitol.

He has previously said that the state would begin accepting medical marijuana cards in the fall.

Newsome was joined at the news conference by Assemblyman Ed Chau, D-San Francisco, and state Assemblywoman Barbara Lee, D.C. Newsman Jeff Smith, D.-Sacramento, and Assemblyman David Chiu, D -San Diego, also signed the bill.

Newsum said the bill would allow cannabis cultivation, use and sale by caregivers who also own the cannabis.

“We need to create a pathway for the industry to move forward and to have a robust system in place to allow Californians access to the cannabis that will benefit them and the communities they serve,” Newsom said.

The bill, Assembly Bill 1177, was approved by the state Senate in April.

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The Associated Press and NBC News contributed to this report.