‘Blue Fruit’ to be introduced in Spain

“We’re really excited,” said the owner of the company.

“It’s the perfect combination of color, flavor and smell.”

The new Blue Fruit is a new kind of fruit that will be grown in Spain, which will be the first country in the world to produce it.

The company has applied to have its Blue Fruit planted in the Canary Islands, which are already home to the Blue Fruit’s main growing region.

It is the first fruit that the company has grown in its new production site in a Spanish island, according to its website.

The company is selling the Blue fruit in the United States, where it is being sold as a flavored and infused water.

The Blue Fruit has a unique taste and aroma that mimics the taste of a blueberry, the company says.

It comes in flavors such as strawberry, blueberry-biscuit, banana, grapefruit and apple.

The fruit is also known as blue raspberry or blueberry.

Blue Fruit is not the first product to be created by Bluefruit.

The startup started out by creating a brand of Blue Fruit juices.

It has since expanded into a variety of products, including fruit infused water and Blue Fruit products.