A Starbucks Dragon Fruit Extract Might Not Help with Cancer

A new study suggests that Dragon Fruit extract might be effective in treating the symptoms of some cancers.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California San Diego, and it examined the effects of Dragon Fruit on mice suffering from a variety of cancers.

They found that the extract caused the mice to grow tumors in a variety, including lung, liver, pancreas, breast, lung, stomach, and colon, as well as in testes.

They also found that Dragonfruit extract could stop the growth of cancerous tumors in the testes and bladder, which is a common finding in some cases of breast cancer.

Dragon Fruit has been used for decades as a treatment for breast cancer, but the FDA has not approved the substance as a cancer treatment, nor has it been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a medicine for the treatment of breast cancers.

Dragonfruit is the first known substance that could cause breast cancer to regress, the researchers wrote.

The researchers also found the extract was effective against cancerous growth in other tissues, such as the blood, which could help treat some cancers, such with leukemia.

The team is currently looking into more animal tests, which may include more animals with breast cancer and/or testicular cancer.

There’s no indication that Dragon fruit extract would be effective against prostate cancer.

A more thorough study is currently under way.

The next step is to determine if Dragon fruit could be used as a vaccine against breast cancer as well, but that would require approval from the FDA, according to the researchers.

You can read the full study in PLOS ONE.