A bear fruit fly killer on the loose

A bear-eating bear fruit flies are back in the news after a bear killed a bear that had been trapped in a car with a carload of fruit flies in North Carolina.

A news release from the State Park Police says the dead bear was a male black bear and was captured at a bait station on June 17.

The bear was spotted by a wildlife biologist and sent for a necropsy, which is when an autopsy is performed.

The body was discovered in the woods just north of the town of Gadsden.

The cause of death was not immediately known.

The news release said there is no evidence the bear was injured.

It was not known if the fruit flies were in the car or not, but they were reportedly caught in a trap that was set up by the local police department and the county.

Gadsden has been a popular bait station for the fruit fly, which has killed hundreds of animals, according to a news release.

The state park says the fruit flying is an invasive species that has killed thousands of other animals.

The fruit flies have also been reported in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.